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Infusion therapy

Alaris volumetric and syringe pumps

Alaris ® GW Volumetric Pump is a small lightweight volumetric infusion pump that provides accurate and reliable infusion over a range of rates.It is ideal for providing general and emergengy care. Alaris® GW is designed to meet the infusion requirements in specified working environment, including general wards, critical and intensive care, neonatal wards, outpatient clinics, operating and emergency rooms.

Alaris® PK
Syringe Pumps are intended for administration of drugs for anesthesia. Alaris® PK Syringe Pump has a user friendly interface that displays the infusion rate, the total drug dose delivered and the estimated plasma and effect-site concentrations.

Alaris® GP
is small and lightweight pump that provides accurate and reliable infusions over a range of rates. Alaris® GP infusion pump is intended for the infusion of fluids, medications, parenteral nutrition, blood and blood products through clinically acceptable routes of administration.

Alaris® GH
Syringe Pump is fully functional syringe pump suitable for use in intensive care units as well as for general infusions. Alaris® GH is intended for infusion of different medications, including analgetics, antimicrobial drugs, blood products, chemotherapeutics, and nutritional agents.


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