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Medical furniture

Hill-Rom Progressa

Medical furniture

Selection of hospital beds from Hill-Rom (USA).
Choice of hospital and long term care beds, bariatric beds, intensive care beds, birthing bed.

Evidence-based therapy with connected Hill-Rom clinical programs and solutions encourages early mobility and safe patient centered management.

More information can be found from Hill-Rom homepage.

Hill-Rom’s NP150 Viscoelastic mattress

Mattresses for hospital beds from Hill-Rom. NP series foam mattresses have pressure ulcers preventing effect comprising high technology and safe for the patient. Removable covers for hospital use are waterproof but breathable, bacterio- and fungostatic, and elastic.

Our partner BOS International, having experience on the market for more than 30 years, offers a broad selection of air mattresses for pressure ulcers prevention. High quality mattresses with silent pumps are suitable for both long term and hospital care. Logo can be printed on the mattress.

More information can be found from Hill-Rom homepage/ BOS Medical International homepage

Viking L patient lift

Diverese selection of patient lift and training aids is offered by Hill-Rom.

A selection of Liko patient lifts include overhead, freestanding and mobile lifts for patients up to 300 kg.

Additional selection of lifts as well as slings, lift sheets and vests can be found on Liko homepage.

We have a selection of patient transport strechers from Hill-Rom (USA), Dewert (Germany) and Meber (Italy).

Strechers are safe and effective to transport patients due to fifth-wheel steering for enhanced load-bearing capacity and durable steel frame.

Selection of Scaleo Medical washing strechers is offered as well.

You can find more information from the webpages: Dewert / Meber / Scaleo Medical

Dewert, Tarsus and Techmed offer a wide selection of different examination tables, composed of one or several sections and operated electrically or hydraulically.

Techmed offers a wide selection of hospital furniture – ceiling mounts, drip IV pole stands, curtain systems, bedside cabinets, chairs, medical foot stools, medical waste bowl stands, resuscitation carts, procedural trolleys, Mayo tables, anesthetic carts, shelf systems etc.

More information can be found on Techmed homepage.

From Swedish manufacturer Stille, we offer high quality operation boards. ImagiQ2 designed with perfection for image guided endovascular procedures is built on a new and unique carbon fiber table top design that offers significantly reduced radiation enabling reduced dose levels and increased safety for patients and clinicians.

Video describing the product can be found here.

IG-Medical TAB series operating table offers quality with affordable price. Table can be chosen as electrically, manually or electro-hydraulically powered.

Our cooperation partner Parflex offers endless possibilities of patient separation privacy screens through its customization options in terms of length and width.

Screen can be printed with your customized design. Specific design of your choice makes the screen a very specific element of interior design for your medical facility.

Screens can be wall mounted or used as mobile units.

Strub Group (Germany) provides us different portative blood donation chairs, that due to their compact and lightweight nature suit perfectly to all kind of mobile medical facilities. Different chairs and beds also include a functionality for Trendelenburg position.

There are a variety of mattress options, colors and accessories to design your donor chair just according to your needs.

In addition to portative blood donation chairs Strub Group offers furniture and equipment for donor tents, incl. folding tables, filter systems for leucocyte reduction, blood bag mixers and blood bag tube sealers.

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