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Urine analyzers

Urine analyzers

We offer a range of different urine chemistry analyzers from Teco Diagnostics (USA). Semi- and fully automated analyzers for qualitative or semi-quantitative determination of various analytes in human urine. All analyzers feature automatic calibration, built-in thermal printer, optional bar code reader and possibility to save all results. Teco urine analyzers are ideal for small and medium offices.

Teco provides an array of urine reagent strips for the analyzer, top selling being strip with 10 different parameters:

• Glycose                • Protein
• pH                        • Bilirubin
• Blood                   • Ketone
• Urobilirogen       • Nitrit
• Specific gravity   • Leucocytes

Test results can be also obtained by visually comparing with color chart on the strip bottle.


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