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Obstetrics and Gynecology

Fetal monitors

Avalon FM series fetal and maternal monitors are Philips´s first and only to offer automated separation of fetal and maternal heart rates using Smart Pulse technology. This unique and innovative technology substantially enchances diagnostic confidence.

Family of Avalon fetal monitors consists of several devices: Avalon FM20, FM30, FM40 and FM50. Although FM20/FM30 and FM40/FM50 are different in size, their operation is very similar. All Avalon fetal monitors have similar transducers and accessories. All Avalon fetal monitors comply with Avalon Cordless Transducer System (CTS).

All monitors can be used for monitoring of fetal and maternal heart rate, maternal uterine contractions and noninvasive blood pressure. FM30, FM40 and FM50 add the possibility to monitor SpO2, and FM30 and FM50 have additional internal fetal parameters on the list. All monitors have the functionalities to triger alarms of both fetal and maternal parameters, to display, record and save patient data and related waveforms, transfer data to information and monitoring system. The monitor is suitable for maternal postpartum monitoring.

After connection to suitable fetal monitor, the Avalon CTS cableless fetal transducer system offers possibilities of continuous cableless monitoring before and during delivery. You have the possibility to monitor fetal heart rate noninvasively with the help of ultrasound, or internal fetal parameters (direct fetal heart rate and intrauterine pressure) and uterine contractions with a toco-transducer. Mesurement pods provide values on the built-in display and communicate them to fetal monitors using the wireless interface of the Avalon CL base station, thus eliminating the need for patient cables. All transducers are waterproof, so you can even count on providing reliable monitoring in birthing pool and shower.

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