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We offer an extended choice of medical furniture for primary physicians and private clinics.

In cooperation with our good partner Techmed we can furnish your practice rooms as needed. We have a wide choice of chests of drawers, wall cabinets, medicine cabinets, wiping tables and desks. The products can be ordered customized to your individual needs or as standard furniture. Our selection includes laboratory furniture as well.
We have a selection of IV drip poles from Tarsus, Techmed and Provita. Model Violetta from Tarsus reduces your lack of space in a tight environment. It is possible to store up to 16 drops of feet in a packed area of 0.5 m².
Techmed and Parflex offer endless possibilities of patient separation privacy screens. Screens can be wall mounted or used as separate mobile units. All materials (polyester or plastic) are very easy to clean and washable at 70 degrees. Screens can be printed with your customized design.
Dewert, Tarsus and Techmed offer a wide selection of different chairs and examination tables. Items with one or several sections that can be electrically or hydraulically operated can be ordered as needed. Color can be chosen to suit your interior design. Choice of gynecological chairs is also available.
To facilitate your everyday work we have a wide choice of different stainless steel carts, procedural trolleys, resuscitation carts, transport and anesthesia carts, and different accessories like medical glove box holders, baskets, sharps container etc.

More products can be found from TechMed product catalogue.

If you need more information about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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