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Dental autoclaves

Sterilize your accessories just in 7 minutes!

To ensure the fastest sterilization in the world, we offer different selection of cassette autoclaves STATIM from company SciCan (Canada). This is a steam autoclave that allows the sterilization of turbines and micromotors among patients, and special technology ensures rapid and delicate drying of instruments. In addition, STATIM autoclaves allow sterilization of ophthalmic instruments, optics, endoscopes, and many other instruments that are not allowed to have a conventional cell autoclave sterilization cycle.

STATIM is intended for packaged and unpackaged instruments, and plastic. In addition, it is possible to integrate data recorder into autoclaves that documents the sterilization cycles and allows them to be analyzed later.

STATIM cassette autoclaves are available in two sizes: STATIM 2000S and STATIM 5000S.

Dental wash disinfectors

If it’s not clean, it can’t be sterilized.

Regardless of the size of your practice, SciCan finds the right solution. The range includes both, on-board and integrated detergent disinfectants, that provide complete and time-saving automatic cleaning and drying of accessories and dental fittings.

All washer-disinfectors have validated washing cycles, touch screen and data storage capability. In addition, the contents of the washers can be customized to suit your needs, ensuring user friendliness and ease of use.

Dental handpiece maintenance units

Almost half of the problems in dentistry are caused by inefficient cleaning and maintenance. To avoid this, we offer dental handpiece maintenance unit STATMATIC by SciScan, that cleans and maintains up to three handpieces at a time.

STATMATIC is small and easy to use, having a cycle time only 15 seconds per handpiece.

Turbines and micromotors

We offer a wide choice of turbines by SANAO, micromotors and adapters by SciCan. The ergonomic design and uncompromising quality of the SANAO line of handpieces has made it the preferred choice. You can choose between 5: 1, 1: 1 and 1: 5 of the handpieces.

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