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Training equipment

Little Anne QCPR

We know CPR training creates lifesavers. But for years it has been a challenge for instructors to provide accurate and objective feedback on their students’ performance. Until now.
Little Anne QCPR is now available with a gaming element and Quality CPR (QCPR) feedback technology, to help instructors improve both CPR training quality, classroom efficiency and learner engagement. 

> Real-time CPR feedback
Check how every learner is performing with feedback on depth, release, rate and ventilations.
> Intelligent scoring and guidance
Give every learner tips on performance and improvements with intelligent scoring functionality. Motivate learners to go from “passed” to perfection. Performance scores and summaries are saved in the app.
> QCPR race competition
Finish every training session with an informal and fun QCPR race. Increase engagement using the thrill of competition.
> Rock solid connection
Connect every manikin to the instructor app with stable and reliable one-click Bluetooth Smart connection. Built-in tutorials and how-to videos.

  Introducing Little Anne Q-CPR training system:

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CPR manikins and simulation accessories

Laerdal Medical is a world-leading provider of training, educational and therapy products for lifesaving and emergency medical care.

The Laerdal product range includes the Resusci Anne Q-CPR training system for revitalization. The manikin makes it possible to perform artificial respiration and cardiac massage. Resusci Anne Q-CPR training system can be equipped with different feedback systems, both wired and wireless, that facilitates real-time feedback, monitors and reviews CPR performance, records and transfers data and calculates overall performance for thorough training and debrief on CPR performance.

Manikin Little Anne is lightweight and built with realistic anatomy that enables healthcare providers to obtain competence to deliver quality CPR in adults.

A realistic casualty simulation kit PRACTOPLAST contains different selections of imitation wound kits, like different compound fractures (ribs, nose, radius etc), incised wounds, wound of orbit/evulsion etc.

SimMan ALS is a realistic interactive Training Simulator for simulating a wide range of breathing, airway control, voice, sounds, ECG, and many other clinical situations.

SimView is an integrated debriefing solution that captures and records audio and video of simulation and other learning activities. Each simulation action can be recorded, studied, replayed and logged to give you and learners every opportunity to evaluate each learning experience completely.

Wide selection of products can be found in Laerdal product catalogue 2022.

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